Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The  Versatile Blogger Award :)

What a sweetie, Dawn over at http://timefor4thgrade.blogspot.com/ nominated me yesterday for the Versatile Blogger Award, imagine that...not even teaching yet with what seems like 2 blog posts under my belt and she still nominates me! I think that should be enough there to go check out her blog! 

Now for the hard part though....7 seemingly random things about myself...hmm where to begin lol

1. I love to travel, I have been to 14 different countries and 3 continents! :)

2. I love love love gummie bears (ok and the snakes, and robots...ok I just love gummie candies!) I could seriously live off these things if they gave me an expected life span of more than 2 months!

3. I have been slightly obsessesd with Mickey Mouse since I was about 2 or 3 and dream of having a Mickey classroom someday!

4. I'm not a fan of needles, blood, knives, or anything else scary at the doctors office (just came from there lol) just the thought of them gives me the creeps

5. I am a total night owl and would much rather stay up till 3am than get up at 7...for some reason my school doesn't seem to want to adjust to my schedule :(

6. Though it's not an official holiday, one of my top favorites is back to school...the isles at the store always seem to be screaming my name! ;)

7. I love love LOVE kids! When I'm not teaching I spend my time babysitting or dreaming of having my own kids lol...much like the school supply section, baby clothes also scream my name equally as loud!

So that's a little more about me lol...and I'm tight on time now but I have to think for a minute on who I want to notimate for this award and will post names later!

(and for those precious teachers commenting on my yesterday's post...thank you so much for the words of encouragment! )

Friday, August 3, 2012

Stress is Creeeeping up...

Wow, so it has been virtually forever since I have blogged, but I sort of figured it might end up like this for me in the beginning. It’s weird to think that I’m writing these posts with 11 followers and maybe half of those 10 actually read them….so essentially I may be writing this for me and good ‘ole cyber spaces’ viewing pleasures…IF you are reading this though….THANK YOU! J
The last month of my life both in and out of teacher word have been INSANE I tell you! Buttttt, we won’t get into details! Major updates for now: Miss St. John has a job, an apartment, and is moving in next week!
Anyways though, back to the more teachery aspects of my life lol! I went into my room for the first time last week since I signed my contract and I am proud to say it will be on FOX news tonight for the most recent victim of the little known thing called “Ohio Hurricanes”…..ok so may I’m exaggerating a teeny bit but let me tell you, it’s a disaster! And worst part, it looks worse now than when I came in haha…  I am happy to say though that I was able to move all the big furniture to where I want it and made tons of extra space for new books in my library and hopefully a meeting area (the previous teacher didn’t have one and didn’t see a need for a teacher desk in my classroom when I could put it in my attached office).
So I’m hoping to get in again starting as soon as I move and am afraid of how long this will take me :/ I’m also getting nervous about teaching my own class in general (please tell me this is normal…)

And this brings me to a question for all 11 of my followers! Being a VERY overwhelmed first year teacher, what are the most essential things and “must haves” in my classroom? Area wise, school supply wise, center wise….what should I focus on first!  HEEEELLLLPP!! J

Ok, rant over! Thanks for the help! <3