Friday, August 3, 2012

Stress is Creeeeping up...

Wow, so it has been virtually forever since I have blogged, but I sort of figured it might end up like this for me in the beginning. It’s weird to think that I’m writing these posts with 11 followers and maybe half of those 10 actually read them….so essentially I may be writing this for me and good ‘ole cyber spaces’ viewing pleasures…IF you are reading this though….THANK YOU! J
The last month of my life both in and out of teacher word have been INSANE I tell you! Buttttt, we won’t get into details! Major updates for now: Miss St. John has a job, an apartment, and is moving in next week!
Anyways though, back to the more teachery aspects of my life lol! I went into my room for the first time last week since I signed my contract and I am proud to say it will be on FOX news tonight for the most recent victim of the little known thing called “Ohio Hurricanes”…..ok so may I’m exaggerating a teeny bit but let me tell you, it’s a disaster! And worst part, it looks worse now than when I came in haha…  I am happy to say though that I was able to move all the big furniture to where I want it and made tons of extra space for new books in my library and hopefully a meeting area (the previous teacher didn’t have one and didn’t see a need for a teacher desk in my classroom when I could put it in my attached office).
So I’m hoping to get in again starting as soon as I move and am afraid of how long this will take me :/ I’m also getting nervous about teaching my own class in general (please tell me this is normal…)

And this brings me to a question for all 11 of my followers! Being a VERY overwhelmed first year teacher, what are the most essential things and “must haves” in my classroom? Area wise, school supply wise, center wise….what should I focus on first!  HEEEELLLLPP!! J

Ok, rant over! Thanks for the help! <3



  1. Hi Tracy,
    Take a deep breath. It's going to be okay. I had to move this year too...probably the 7th time in 18 years of teaching. The room always looks worse before it gets better...but it will get better.
    And it is normal to be nervous. I still can't sleep the night before the first day back. The second week will be a little calmer.
    As for what to focus on: my calendar wall and shared reading/writing area, get to know you activities, and some easy worksheets or art projects. We spend a lot of time the first week just learning our way around, establishing routines, and getting to know each other.
    You will do great. Just remember to have fun!

  2. This is only my second year teaching, and I am currently feeling a little more nervous than last year...hope that helps! ha:) But seriously, take a deep breath and remember that you have taken courses and passed tests and (hopefully) have a heart to be where you are right now! I actually feel like teaching is more of a mission field than an occupation...people who excel were simply "called" to be here! If your school has a mentor program, use that mentor! Do NOT feel like you're taking advantage...this is your year to learn and grow (maybe even more than your students!). If your school does not have a mentor program (shame on them), find a kind, seasoned teacher who can be your go-to person for any and all questions.
    Which leads me to my next piece of advice: Question, Question, Question! We want our students to ask when they don't understand so we can help...the BIGGEST mistake you can make is to assume you know (or should know) something. Don't be afraid to ask!
    I'd love to give you more, but this is getting long-winded:) Those are a few of my pearls for ya!
    Oh yeah: Found you from Jenn Bates' blog and I am now your newest follower:) Best of luck! Believe in yourself:)
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  3. Congrats on your job! I've been teaching for 8 years and am always nervous this time of year. I think those nerves just mean we care! I'm envious that you have a separate office space. Must haves: comfy reading corner (I teach 4th grade and they still love to curl up on the floor and read)and calendar wall that is appealing and helps reinforce your standards. The first few days focus on getting to know each other and establishing routines. Ask for help and take time for yourself! If you are lucky enough to have same grade colleagues use their knowledge and ideas!

    That said I am nominating you for an award. Stop over at my blog to pick it up

  4. Tracy,

    You should remember from our last couple years of college how mostly every Education professor claimed to be super nervous for the first day/week/month even when they had been teaching for 20+ years! So, of course that is normal! I'm sure having your room a little unorganized is overwhelming right now, but soon it will look just as colorful & creative as you are (I can't wait to drop by & see it)!
    Must haves (take these with a grain of salt if you like... because I don't necessarily know anymore or less than you, lol)
    1.) You need a library (but I know you have got that part covered), & I agree with one of your other followers that you need comfy spaces for the kiddos to read (carpet squares, special little chairs, or pillows, or those neat chairs using the storage crates we had in college?! etc.)
    2.) School supplies- In most classrooms I've seen either the large amount of school supplies all put together so that everyone has access to whatever, or I have seen where the students keep their own individual supplies, and the teacher has a small stock pile in case someone needs something like pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, glue sticks, etc. Are you having your students use a folder to keep their homework in & other things that need to go home? I like these a lot & think they help parents & students know what is going on, lol.
    3.) Focus on setting boundaries, establishing routines and expectations, and getting to know everyone (you included)!

  5. Hi Tracy! Great blog, I just started one too! It's always interesting trying to figure new things out, isn't it? Anyway, here are some of my must haves:
    -white boards for students to use. Love these for math and literacy! If your school doesn't have them, home depot will cut them for pretty cheap!
    -well stocked, cozy library
    -writing center, stocked with paper, letter magnets, handwriting practice, white boards, stationary, etc.
    -listening center
    -student work bulletin boards
    -chart paper for anchor charts
    -meeting area: essential to get kids moving from their seats

    Hope this helps! I will be posting my classroom pics here soon. If you'd like, check out my blog