Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The  Versatile Blogger Award :)

What a sweetie, Dawn over at http://timefor4thgrade.blogspot.com/ nominated me yesterday for the Versatile Blogger Award, imagine that...not even teaching yet with what seems like 2 blog posts under my belt and she still nominates me! I think that should be enough there to go check out her blog! 

Now for the hard part though....7 seemingly random things about myself...hmm where to begin lol

1. I love to travel, I have been to 14 different countries and 3 continents! :)

2. I love love love gummie bears (ok and the snakes, and robots...ok I just love gummie candies!) I could seriously live off these things if they gave me an expected life span of more than 2 months!

3. I have been slightly obsessesd with Mickey Mouse since I was about 2 or 3 and dream of having a Mickey classroom someday!

4. I'm not a fan of needles, blood, knives, or anything else scary at the doctors office (just came from there lol) just the thought of them gives me the creeps

5. I am a total night owl and would much rather stay up till 3am than get up at 7...for some reason my school doesn't seem to want to adjust to my schedule :(

6. Though it's not an official holiday, one of my top favorites is back to school...the isles at the store always seem to be screaming my name! ;)

7. I love love LOVE kids! When I'm not teaching I spend my time babysitting or dreaming of having my own kids lol...much like the school supply section, baby clothes also scream my name equally as loud!

So that's a little more about me lol...and I'm tight on time now but I have to think for a minute on who I want to notimate for this award and will post names later!

(and for those precious teachers commenting on my yesterday's post...thank you so much for the words of encouragment! )

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  1. GAHHH! How are WE first year teachers?!?! Is the world ready for this?!