Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Doubles Game

My little firsties have been working so hard at learning their doubles addition. We do flash cards every morning, sing our doubles rap several times a day (and let me tell you they get into this one!), and work on our fact sheets during jobs. Because of all their hard work I promised them a game and let me tell you, this one was a hit!

 I made my kiddos a doubles roll and cover game and they got to use my brand new foamy dice (they don't make any noise, they don't bounce, and they are a fun bright color...aka kid approved!) and they loved it! I love how easy it is to get them excited about learning! Tell them its a game and let them sit on the floor with a partner and they are ready to go!

Hmm I was going to post my game as my first freebie but I'm not entirely sure how to! Any suggestions are more than welcome!

Have a great beautiful, and relaxing fall night! :)

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