Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm Alive....I Promise!

So not that I have oodles of people that follow this little ole blog of mine (though I wish I did...hint hint! :P  ) but I do feel bad in my lack of postings! Let's forward though my life since my last post! lol

1. I moved away from home and now have a nice little townhouse half a mile from school that I am in LOVE with decorating!

2. I met me adorable 10 little firsties that I get to spend all of my days with!

3. I also met my 15 quite rambunctious kindergarteners that I get to mix in with my firsties in the afternoons!

4. I lived through the first several terrifying days of school!

5. I recently celebrated reaching day number 31 of school and me and all 25 kids are still alive and kicking! haha

I realize this isn't the most informative post but I promise to get some pictures and class projects on here real soon! I thought I already knew that this would be a crazy expeience, but this has been so much more crazy and rewarding that what I could have every imagined. I wake up every morning excited to go see my students smiling faces and sorry for all those people who have to go to work everyday not loving every aspect of what they do.

So I think I'll wrap this up here and go look through the last couple weeks of pictures and get you some more insight into my class!

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