Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Adventures of First Grade Leaf People!

Call me a manipulator, but I'll do about anything it takes to get my kids to want to write!  (Don't lie I know we're all guilty!)  This week with fall quickly coming in all around us I decided to bring a little bit of the outside in with us!  I debated on having the kids go on a nature hike for this but we really don't have many trees on property or close by that this would work with, so the kids settled on my "handy dandy bag of leaves!"  :P

This little craftivity took us under 10 minutes to put together, the kids loved drawing on leaves and being able to use their sharpies (ahh the simple things in life!), and were eager to being writing all about what their leaf person saw when they landed on the ground for the first time this fall!  

Read some of these gems for yourself! LOVE THEM!

And I love quotes from my kids, so here's a good one from today!  
After asking a boy to remove his snow hat at the lunch table "but it keeps me warm, it's perfect for a warm head party in my hat!"  -- where do they come up with these things!

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