Friday, November 9, 2012

Spidey Senses

...or just a fun Halloween craftivity!

So for those of you who don't know my classroom can get hectic real quick! I technically teach first grade (all day) but in the afternoon our all day kindergarten program joins me in my room so I jump from a teeny tiny class of 10 firsties to a loud and very talkative class of 25 mixed first and kinders!

The Friday before Halloween our school has a school-wide Halloween parade...and you guessed it...of course it's held in the afternoon! Well our kindergarten teacher (who typically teaches pre-K in the afternoon) has Friday afternoons off so i twisted some arms and got her and an aid to help me in the afternoon before our parade so we could host some fun Halloween centers. The kids were so excited about this it was too cute, and I'll confess, for my first year teaching and this being the first big holiday of the year, I was pretty proud with how the day turned out lol. I organized the centers and then turned the others loose to help man them and the kids ended up making some Halloween slime, playing pin the nose on the pumpkin on the smart board, played some Halloween math games, and made sp- spider hats with yours truly!

The hats were kind of a combination of about 500 different projects that I had seen and fallen in love with and then came to terms with the fact that you can't do them all....or so they say, until you combine them all! (haha beat that "system"! lol) Ok, back on track, promise lol....So anyways, we made these super adorable spider hats. Each child got 8 spider legs (pre-cut) and my kinders had to write an s- word on each leg while my firsties had to come up with 8 words starting with the bled sp-. The kids wrote the words on each leg and we then attached them to a large headband that the decorated to look like a spider. After some according folding, stapling, and some lovin', we came up with these gems!

I was one proud teacher :)

Graph a Sweet Tooth

So I promise I don't completely forget about my blog! I take pictures for it all the time and then get home and don't feel like sitting down to put it on here for all of you!

We use Saxon math at my school and while I really do like the program, and they do incorporate a lot of hands on manipulatives into the program, I absolutely love math and have so many fun ideas floating around inside my little head and tend to think the lessons can get kinda dry after a while. So...needles to say I'm always looking for fun ideas and supplementals to go along with the weeks' lessons.

I MAY have shifted lessons around by a couple of days to make is work just right but what kid wants to graph pattern blocks on Halloween week when they can bring in their trick or treat wrapper to graph instead (and trust me they loved having to write in their planners to eat candy! Haha) Anyways, the kids brought on their candy wrappers from home and we spread them all put and discussed all the different ways we could think of on how to grasp the wrappers and then looked at the pros and cons for each. In the end the kids decided it would be best to graph the wrappers by color and then they went to town. I supplied the kiddos with tape rolls and they worked together as a class to decide where each wrapper went....they even came up with putting in a rainbow row for those that dent fit anywhere else!

Needless to say the kids were ecstatic about the math lesson and it made for great conversation starters while it hung in the hallway!   Below is a picture of the finished product!   Enjoy!